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WELCOME!  The New York Divinity School (NYDS) is pleased to endorse and host the outstanding undergraduate-level training provided by the 16 modules of the CAPSTONE Curriculum of The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI,  This is a Bible-based, Christ-centered, Spirit-led, holistic training program.  It is an excellent program for equipping men and women whom the Lord is calling for effectual ministry that honors and pleases him.  


In service of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the New York City metro area, NYDS has created a subsidiary, the New York Urban Ministry Institute (NYUMI, to bring the TUMI training materials, including the CAPSTONE Curriculum to New York, for the first time.


Students who complete the CAPSTONE Curriculum and also take two NYDS courses—Chaplaincy I and Biblical Ethics—earn the Minister in Training certificate, too, ( and are endorsed by NYDS for ordination.


In addition, students who complete the CAPSTONE Curriculum can receive 28 credits at Lancaster Bible College ( and several other colleges, all accredited.  Students will receive certificates acknowledging their accredited accomplishments.  Students may also enroll and take additional credits through Lancaster’s on-line courses, and possibly transfer additional credits, to complete an accredited Associates Degree (60 credits), and more.


NYDS seeks partnerships with other ministries for their leaders and others to benefit and host the NYUMI programs, especially the CAPSTONE Curriculum.  This curriculum is needed in one or more locations in every Borough of the City and in every region of the NYC metro area, to equip men and women to lead the churches and communities, to receive all that the Lord desires to pour out in this time of need and opportunity.  This obedience to the Lord in discipling all ethnic peoples paves the way for the spiritual awakening our region so needs.  “The Lord is sovereign, and will pour out his Spirit as he chooses,” NYDS president Paul de Vries, PhD reminds us all.  “Nevertheless, the Lord seeks those who know and obey his written and living Word.  Spiritual awakenings have always been led by men and women who were students of the written and living Word.”   


Moreover, the TUMI CAPSTONE Curriculum is the most effective training program for ministries within prisons and penitentiaries, as Charles Colson recognized.  The program educates and empowers “prisoners to become pastors” where they are—our “P2P” program—and to be especially well prepared if and when they are released.  This TUMI program (a) ministers to the prisoners, (b) helps they restore relationships, (c) provides professional training, and (d) gives them college credits.  NYDS seeks men and women who already have ministries in prisons and penitentiaries to collaborate in this high calling.   


NYDS is a tax-exempt 501c3 charity that also seeks partners who will give to enable this timely CAPSTONE Curriculum to build up people and the Church in the NYC metro area.  Your donations may be made at the bottom of the front page of